Your partner in bringing manufacturers and users together

We take our client's needs into careful consideration while offering safe and reliant products that are best suited for our clients. In return, we receive our Client's 'Trust and Confidence', which is our biggest treasure. By faithfully continuing this business practice for a period of over 40 years, we have been successful in our operating activities, focusing in west Japan areas. In the future, we do not plan on deviating from this business stance, and we aim to fulfill the role of a partner to bring manufacturers and users together.

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  • V-Belt Pulleys, Timing Belt Pulleys, Labor-saving Equipment, Conveyor Belts, etc.
  • Rubber Hoses, Plastic Hoses, Hose Bands, etc.
  • Piping Materials and Fittings
  • Various Rubber Plates, Mold, Extrusion, Various Rubber Seals, Processed Products
  • Plastic Materials and Processed Products
  • Valqua, Nichias Corporation Products, Various Packing Materials, Industrial Materials, Engineering, Agriculture Materials